Mavero+ Giveaway Platform

What is an LMCT+ Promotion

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing and membership schemes, LMCT+ stands out as a pioneering Australian company. At its core, LMCT+ combines the allure of exclusive giveaways with the stability of a membership model, creating a unique environment where members can enjoy both security and excitement. This innovative approach leverages trade promotions, which are not just simple lotteries but strategic tools designed to enhance customer engagement and retention. Here, we dive deep into the mechanics of LMCT+ style giveaways, explore their benefits, and discuss how MAVERO+ can play solve all the technical challenges inherent in running such platforms.

Understanding LMCT+ and Its Trade Promotion Model

What Sets LMCT+ Apart?

LMCT+ has redefined the traditional membership and giveaway framework by integrating it with the concept of trade promotions. Typically hidden behind a paywall, these promotions are exclusive to members who subscribe to the platform. This exclusivity adds a layer of value to the membership, as it not only offers more than just basic access but also includes a ticket to potentially life-changing opportunities.

How Trade Promotions Work

A trade promotion is a competition or giveaway that is conducted to promote the goods or services of a registered business. Trade promotions can be either a ‘game of chance’, where the winner must be randomly selected or a ‘game of skill’, where the winner is selected by merit, for example, because the entrant had the most creative answer on where they would travel with the prize money. In both instances there must be no fee to the entrant and the purpose of the promotion must be to promote the goods and services of the business.

While membership-based trade promotions like LMCT Plus are a popular way of running competitions, trade promotions come in other forms. Another well-known example of a trade promotion Macca’s Monopoly, where people can enter the competition by purchasing participating menu items and scanning their tickets.

The Role of MAVERO+

Solving Technical Challenges

Setting up a trade promotion platform involves complex regulatory compliance, robust digital infrastructure, and seamless customer experience design. MAVERO+ steps in by providing state-of-the-art technical solutions that ensure these promotions are not only compliant with Australian trade laws but are also easy to participate in and manage. This includes everything from secure payment gateways to sophisticated data analytics tools that help understand customer behavior and preferences.

Engaging Customers and Upselling

The success of a membership-based trade promotion platform relies heavily on its ability to engage users continuously. MAVERO+ introduces innovative engagement tools that help you keep your members excited and active. Features like tailored notifications, real-time updates on new offers, and personalised marketing strategies ensure that members feel valued and inclined to renew their subscriptions.

Seamless Upselling Techniques

Upselling is critical in maximizing the revenue potential of each member. MAVERO+ provides tools that analyze user data to identify upselling opportunities, suggesting higher-tier memberships or additional services that members might be interested in. This not only increases the average revenue per user but also enhances the overall user experience by making offers that are relevant and timely.

Benefits of LMCT+ Trade Promotions for Members

Exclusive Access to High-Value Giveaways

The primary draw of LMCT+ is its high-value giveaways that are exclusive to members. This exclusivity ensures that participants feel they are part of a privileged group, enhancing the perceived value of their membership.

Increased Chances of Winning

Due to the membership requirement, the pool of participants in any given promotion is smaller than in public sweepstakes, significantly increasing the odds of winning for each member.

Continuous Engagement and Excitement

The regular introduction of new giveaways keeps the excitement levels high, ensuring that members remain engaged with the platform and look forward to what’s coming next.


LMCT+ Trade Promotions represent a revolutionary approach in the realm of membership benefits by coupling the excitement of high-stake giveaways with the stability of a subscription model. Behind the scenes, MAVERO+ plays an indispensable role, providing the technological backbone necessary for managing these complex systems.